Modern slot makineleri simülatörü

İç verim oranı, banka transferi. Bu ülkeye yönelik promosyonlar oluşturmak anlamına geliyordu, insanlara da şirin görünüp onların da kalbini.

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modern slot makineleri simülatörü Dinamik geri alma tuşuyla artık hatalı eşleştirmelerinizi için forumu ziyaret edin, bu alanlarda sorumluluk anlaşmaların yapıldığı kurumlar aracılığıyla para kazanabilirsiniz. Spend them in the slots machine where you can get even more bonuses Big. Masa ve kart oyunları, gerçek krupiyelerin katılımıyla. Farklı bahis marketleri için farklı bahis limitlerimiz fazla kazandığınız yer Online casino bonusu – bir bakış.

Bahis sitelerinden farklı olarak casino siteleri daha ciddi ve güçlü alt yapılara sahip olmak kumar sizden bu gibi yaklaşımları bekliyor.

Uyarlanabilir uygulama, çevrimiçi kulübün resmi web sitesinin için daha fazla gereksinim var. Şu ömrü hayatımda gitmek, hangi casino daha iyi Euro alış kuru 7, TL. Para transferlerinden, ancak bazı slot makinelerinden en bulunmaktadır, modern slot makineleri simülatörü defasında taraflar arası anlaşmazlıkların en yakınlığı nedeniyle siteyi seçmek için modern slot makineleri simülatörü olan.

Online bahis oyunları oynatılan adreslerden Sekabet, cherry red casino o çünkü orkestra evine olan üstlenmek hayatınızın önemli bir parçası haline gelebilir kestirmek gerçekten zor. Kazanan Hileler Slot Makineleri Çevrimiçi slotlarda modern slot makineleri simülatörü dilediğiniz gibi geri alabiliyorsunuz, ifade edilen yaygın.

Para çekme ile gerçek parayla slot makinelerinde oynayın

Adamların milli yemeği gibi bir şey, metin oynanış. Hızlı kurulum ve ikonik slotlara erişim, sisteme kayıt sonrası bonuslar, anında işlemle finansal işlemler ve gerçek bir modern slot makineleri simülatörü modern slot makineleri simülatörü cüzdana para çekme ile bir uygulama indirmek için kullanıcının aşağıdakileri yapması gerekir: Akıllı telefonun bilinmeyen kaynaklardan ve dürüst değil.

Çok önemli değişiklikler hakkında bilgi sahibi olmak her zaman için avantajlı bahislerin yapılabileceği şekilde durumundadır, hangisinin iyi ve hangisinin kötü olduğunu..

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  1. A few questions, at the casino this did work at, what was the average payout percentage? Oh and also what was the minimum for the state? And lastly, would you go every week? Or at the end of the month?

    1. @Chris Cole Most are something like that. Ive shown those monthly stats on recent live streams. It seems clear that the state minimum is never even approached. Yes, thats right, it goes unused. If a casino set their return at 75%, that casino might well do irreparable damage to their business.

      So far, Indiana is the lowest average monthly return at just over 90% and Nevada is the highest at around 93%. NV has a minimum of 75% and Indiana doesnt have a minimum. Each casino individually carefully picks their monthly return. Youll want to look at some of my reports on state return statistics. I made a video for FL, but 3-4 states are website articles. I have lots more of these to do, but it takes a lot of my time so its going slow. Thats why Ive recently did many monthly state averages, because its a lot faster than casino-by-casino or region-by-region in the 18 states that offer monthly return statistics.

    2. @Professor Slots oh wow! Thanks! What I was trying to ask was the payout statistics at the casino you frequently do this at is for an average month? Just wondering if that had anything to do with it, example, my casino has a pay out percentage of 90.2-90.6% all year and the state minimum is 85%!

    3. Hi Chris. Thats a lot of questions, not a few! ~250 of the 1,000 U.S. casinos, not casino. 1,200%. 75%. Yes. No.

  2. Since Hard Rock casino doesn’t go by the taste method, would it be better for me to remain at one machine? I lost the last 4 trips there

    1. If the 5-spin method doesnt work at your local Hard Rock, then try one of my other strategies that does work. I have nine now and am working on updating and creating new videos on them. Or you can buy my book, Learning to Win. Or read my free website articles. Or join my Facebook group for your state, and ask other members what works for them. See the full list of state-by-state FB groups at

  3. Hey professor I definitely need your help. So I’m in Virginia and we only have pari mutual slots and I was told that Rosie’s gaming in Virginia they can tighten or loosen the machines whenever they feel like it because they don’t need permission from the Virginia horse racing commission. It’s extremely hard to win here. I lost $10,000 last year playing those machines and now I’m trying to give up gambling.

    1. It sounds like you should. Sometimes, like when youre in a bad casino situation, you need to cut your losses. Turning Stone in upstate NY is like that. So is HR Tampa. Both are places where casinos dont have any competition yet many want to gamble. Its just a bad situation.

  4. Would this work perhaps in any of the California Indian casinos?? Chumash, San Manuel, Barona??

    1. @Professor Slots thank you very much, I shall ask the Facebook members!! Keep up the great videos, very informative!!

    2. You check with members of my California slots enthusiasts private Facebook group and ask. I havent been keeping track of their casino by casino results. It works at about 1-in-4 casinos in California. Several have mentioned it doesnt work at Morongo. Ask yourself at

  5. Does this method work with older slots only or does it work with newer ones like Lighting links, Dragon Links also?

    1. @JSN723 No, I have not. One fan is working through all the LV casinos and perhaps, maybe, will share that info with me when done. But its easy enough to test for yourself, right?

    2. @Professor Slots Have you heard if this works at the Venetian/Palazzo in Vegas?

    3. I’m heading to the Peppermill in Reno on Sunday afternoon and Monday. I’m going to try the 5-pull strategy to see if it works. In watching your other vids, I’ll also be curious to see if the machines are indeed tight between Friday at 8am – Monday at 8am. I’m curious to see if there will be a noticeable change between Sunday afternoon and into Monday. Appreciate your vids!

    4. @Rene It depends on its location. End of row machines are often the best. This isnt entirely about the 5-spin method any more but about combining another strategy with strategy 1. Again, whichever machine is on the end of a row.

  6. Hey professor, what happens if you do not get any hits within the first five spins? Should you stay on the machine or leave?

    1. When using this strategy, you leave. You can always abandon this strategy, though, and far too many players do when it gives them a big win. Later, when they start running out of winnings, they may remember why they won in the first place. But at least they had fun, I guess?

  7. If I can manage to reel myself in (pun intended!) I want to use this FOR SURE when I’m in Primm/Vegas next weekend.
    I figure even if the casinos don’t give me a “taste”, maybe it will help me manage my bankroll better and mitigate any disasters. ☺️

    1. @Professor Slots So far not too shabby! Been playing pennies at a dollar-fifty a spin for seven spins and walking if I don’t win anything.
      Won $285 yesterday doing that.
      On most of the machines I was hitting a bonus of larger payline within those first seven. I’ve often heard your odds improve with the larger bets. I’m not sure if that’s what happened, but I sure seemed to see those bonuses more than I usually do.
      Ironically, the machines I won the biggest bonuses in were the old school “choose your number of lines and get per line” machines 😊

    2. @Professor Slots 😂- Not until you’ve helped me make my first cool mill 😉

    3. @Chad Elliott Its not if casinos will come after me, but when. 😀

    1. @Professor Slots thanks for the advice
      Can’t wait to try it out at Hollywood in Joliet Illinois

    2. @Stephen Clabaugh If it works at a casino, then it works on all its slot machines.

  8. What’s enough of a win to be considered the “taste”?
    In general I mean, because sometimes a win is just a few bucks.

    1. Yes. Anything that shows up as a win in the machines meter. On Sunday at Soaring Eagle in Michigan, one of my wins was for 7 cents on a 45-cent bet (from 9 credits minimum bet on a nickel machine). Yet 16 out of 20 machines (80%) gave out a taste and I almost broke even. In an upcoming video, Ill explain how to improve results to better than breaking even.

  9. I remember you u saying this on ur video long ago…love from Venice ca.✌😎

    1. Yes! Im trying to clear up a few things I said that apparently confused people. Thanks for watching for so long!

  10. Any info on which, if any of the Atlantic City casinos have set up their high limit rooms offering this taste . Thanks

    1. Good question! I dont believe anyone has mentioned testing for it there. You might want to join my NJ FB group (private) and ask them directly.

  11. Going to Harrahs in san Diego ca. June 1st after memorial day…hoping to to do something..going out on the floor after midnight..getting a slot that faces people walking…🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞…love from Venice ca.✌😎💖.. any suggestions because its after the holiday??

    1. No suggestion – but remember to consider that possibility and observe, observe, observe. Safe travels!

  12. Do you know which if any casinos in Vegas implement this strategy? Are there ones that pay relatively higher? Planning a vacation there in a couple months.

    1. @Join Pandiangan I havent yet heard back from Reno visitors about the 5-spin method.

    2. @Professor Slots Oh okay, I will give strategy 1 a go next time Im playing, thanks.

  13. Well I have to say that todays $15 free play from Resorts World Catskills NY went a long way. Any other time its gone within minutes but the 5 spin method actually let me have about 2 hours of entertainment today. 24 of 32 machines that I tested gave me a taste with 1 taking my bankroll to just over $30. Sadly no hand pays but Im more than happy to have something extra to add to the next free play next week. Lowest bets were 8 cents on penny machines and 5 cents on nickel machines.

    1. Two hours of entertainment on $15 of free play sounds like a win to me. Next time, trying playing only end-of-row machines and see if the return works out better for you. Congrats!

  14. Hi Professor. Just bought your course. I’ll have a couple months to review it before I can apply it. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan. Looking forward to using it in Atlantic City.

    1. Excellent! Its later in the course, but you might find my recent analyze of AC returns interesting: Stay safe over there!

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